Glastonbury in England and Capilla del Monte in Argentina are special places in
this planet, places in which both world unveil. In this sacred places, it is possible to
access other dimensions and levels of consciousness. Both of them are sacred
places in which the Goddess energy can be perceived in a powerful and tangible
This can be noticed when observing the landscape: as the sacred hill in Tor,
Glastonbury, which represents the female part of the body, the vulva, from which
life is created, “Las Gemelas� (´The Twins´) in Capilla del Monte
represent their nurturing breast, breastfeeding with the necessary energy for
Glastonbury is a place for pilgrimage in search of making the old perish and re-
birthing, while Capilla del Monte, is a place where you can nourish your spirit for

For many years, our planet modified the energy direction and was male oriented.
The Ancient cults to honor the Goddess were buried under patriarchal domination
which made War prevail over Love.

Nevertheless, patriarchal religions (that means, based on a male deity called â
€œFatherâ€�) only date back 5000 years to date, while the Cult to the Goddess can
be traced back to ancient time. Evidence  of this Cult is shown in Ancient Venus,
such as the one found in Willendorf which dates back 30,000 years to date

In this third millenium, the Goodess wakes again to call us. And we, women, her
Priestesses, are prepared to celebrate and allow her to walk with pride again, on
this beautiful world. It is not a matter of chance that many women in politics and
other aspects are advancing in a steady and firm way. Now this is our turn; but not
to destroy but to create and nourish. Not for the war but for the peace.

This gathering is open to everyone willing to wake up to a new female awareness in
their lives. It does not matter which religion or ideology they belong to. Men and
women are equally welcome to this celebration in which we expect to nourish our
spirit through celebrations, workshops and conferences, and...


Goddess lives into your heart. Come to celebrate!

For more information please contact Sandra Román:

Capila del Monte: (00 54 3548) 487049 -  154 00 641
Buenos Aires: (00 54 11) 156 011 3670



Thanks to Luciana Abreu for her beautiful translation into English!