Travelling with the
My inner and outer journey
in search of my Ancestresses…

Talk with Sandra Román, Priestess of Avalon

Sandra Román is a “Gipsy” Priestess. Following the Call of the Goddess, she travelled from
South America to Glastonbury where she was initiated in the Misteries of Avalon. Later,
Pachamama and Chak-Anna called her back to her country, Argentina, to explore the Sacred
Wheel of the Goddesses of the Southern Cross. As the wheel turns, she felt the voice of her
Spanish ancestresses and became a pioneer in the discovering of Iberian Goddesses.
Ecuador, Egypt and Mexico are other lands where hidden Goddesses were waiting for her to
tell their stories…

Come and enjoy a true-life story, with songs, dancing and the closing meditation: “Ancient
Gipsy Way to Call the Goddess Spirit”.

Sandra is author of the books “Faces of the Goddess” (Los Rostros de la Diosa); Goddesses
of Sun and Blood (Diosas de Sangre y de Sol) and “From Avalon to the Southern Cross”,
among others and creative mother of the cards deck “Goddesses in your Daily Life”,
published in a Spanish/English edition. She´s a certified Moon Mother, Past Lives Therapist,
Tarot Reader, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Priestess Trainer.